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Carbon Brief Staff

Carbon Brief Staff

LATEST BY Carbon Brief Staff

Voters in three U.S. states reject initiatives to curb fossil fuel use

Voters in Colorado, Arizona and Washington states on Tuesday rejected ballot initiatives that sought to curb fossil fuels use, Reuters reports, despite polls having indicated rising concerns over…

DAILY BRIEF | 08.11.18

Government’s ‘deeply worrying’ post-Brexit environment plans fail to replace one-third of EU laws, MPs warn

MPs from the Environmental Audit Committee have warned that the UK could, reports the Independent, “be left with gaping holes in environmental laws allowing polluters to go unpunished…

DAILY BRIEF | 06.11.18

Young activists can sue government over climate change, Supreme Court says

A group of young people can sue the US federal government over its climate change policies, the Supreme Court ruled on Friday, report NPR and many others. The…

DAILY BRIEF | 05.11.18

UK heatwaves lasting twice as long as 50 years ago – Met Office

Heatwaves in the UK are lasting twice as long as they did 50 years ago, “ice days” are disappearing and “tropical” nights are starting to occur, according to…

DAILY BRIEF | 02.11.18

BP profits double on higher prices and new oil fields

Oil giant BP’s profits have more than doubled this quarter, lifted by rising oil prices and higher production from new fields, the BBC reports. Profits rose to $3.8bn…

DAILY BRIEF | 31.10.18

£60m ‘greenery drive’ to plant 10m trees in England

More than 10m trees will be planted across England with the injection of £60m of new funding over five years, the Guardian reports. The money was announced as…

DAILY BRIEF | 30.10.18

Cuadrilla forced to stop fracking as quake breaches threshold

Cuadrilla has been forced to stop fracking after its operations at a well near Blackpool triggered an earthquake that breached the official threshold. The company said it had…

DAILY BRIEF | 29.10.18

New York sues Exxon Mobil, saying it deceived shareholders on climate change

New York is suing the oil and gas firm Exxon Mobil, claiming that the company defrauded shareholders by downplaying the risks posed by climate change, according to the…

DAILY BRIEF | 25.10.18
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