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Carbon Brief Staff

Carbon Brief Staff

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Subsidies for new household solar panels to end next year

Ministers have been accused of striking a major blow against household solar power after the government said its feed-in tariff (FIT) subsidy scheme would end next year without…

DAILY BRIEF | 20.07.18

UK to require big companies to report CO2 emissions from April 2019

Large companies will have to report their energy use, CO2 emissions and energy efficiency measures in their annual reports from next April under a new framework set out…

DAILY BRIEF | 19.07.18

Sweden calls for help as Arctic Circle hit by wildfires

Sweden has called for emergency assistance from its European Union partners to help deal with at least 11 separate wildfires that have broken out in the Arctic circle,…

DAILY BRIEF | 18.07.18

Millions to face hosepipe ban in north-west England

Most news outlets in the UK carry the news that England’s first major hosepipe ban is to be introduced as a result of the continuing heatwave. BBC News…

DAILY BRIEF | 17.07.18

Heatwave sees record high temperatures around world this week

An “unusually prolonged and broad heatwave” across much of the world over the past week has been intensifying concerns about climate change, the Guardian reports. In the past…

DAILY BRIEF | 16.07.18

Ireland to become first country to divest from fossil fuels

The Irish parliament has passed a bill forcing the country’s €9m ($10bn) sovereign wealth fund to divest its holdings of oil, gas, coal and peat companies “as soon…

DAILY BRIEF | 13.07.18

EPA takes next step toward replacing Obama-era climate rule

President Trump’s administration is “taking a big step forward” in its effort to replace former President Obama’s rule to reduce CO2 emissions from power plants, reports The Hill.…

DAILY BRIEF | 11.07.18

Britain’s nuclear ambition must make way for renewable energy, warns commission

The Daily Telegraph is among UK publications covering the first report of the National Infrastructure Commission, an independent group established in 2015 to advise the government on infrastructure…

DAILY BRIEF | 10.07.18

Scott Pruitt steps down as EPA head after ethics, management scandals

There is widespread global news coverage of the resignation yesterday of Scott Pruitt, the former Oklahoma attorney general who, as the Washington Post describes, “relentlessly pursued President Trump’s…

DAILY BRIEF | 06.07.18
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