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Carbon Brief Staff

Carbon Brief Staff

LATEST BY Carbon Brief Staff

UK climate advisers push for 2032 ban on polluting cars

There is widespread coverage of the latest annual progress report from the UK’s official climate advisers, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). The Financial Times leads its coverage…

DAILY BRIEF | 25.06.20

UK public ‘supports green recovery from coronavirus crisis’

Several publications report that the UK’s first citizens’ assembly on climate change has backed plans for a “green recovery” from coronavirus. The Guardian reports that the group, made…

DAILY BRIEF | 23.06.20

Greta Thunberg: Climate change ‘as urgent’ as coronavirus

BBC News has an exclusive in-depth interview with teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg in which she says the world needs to learn the lessons of coronavirus and treat…

DAILY BRIEF | 22.06.20

Bank of England bond portfolio ‘at odds with climate goals’

In its first assessment of the climate risks it faces, the Bank of England has “admitted” that its corporate bond holdings have emissions footprints that are not aligned…

DAILY BRIEF | 19.06.20

IEA sets out $3tn energy sector recovery plan to spur growth, cut emissions

There is widespread coverage of a new special report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) that sets out a “sustainable recovery plan” to…

DAILY BRIEF | 18.06.20

Government to merge Foreign Office and DfID, heralding potential climate aid shake-up

The UK government’s Department for International Development (DfID) is to merge with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), BusinessGreen reports, in a “controversial shake-up that could have major…

DAILY BRIEF | 17.06.20

BP to take up to $17.5bn hit on assets after cutting energy price outlook

Publications continue to cover the news that oil giant BP will slash up to $17.5bn off the value of its oil-and-gas assets. The move comes as BP takes…

DAILY BRIEF | 16.06.20

Britain’s electricity ‘to have first gas-free hours by 2025’

In light of Great Britain’s record-breaking period of coal-free power generation, National Grid has announced it wants to operate the system without using any gas for short periods in 2025,…

DAILY BRIEF | 15.06.20

‘Surprisingly rapid’ rebound in carbon emissions post-lockdown

Carbon dioxide emissions have rebounded around the world as lockdown conditions have eased, the Guardian reports. A Nature Climate Change study published last month showed that human-caused CO2…

DAILY BRIEF | 12.06.20
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