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Carbon Brief Staff

LATEST BY Carbon Brief Staff

Angela Merkel says Germany must do more to fight climate crisis

There is extensive continuing coverage of the extreme flooding that hit parts of west Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands last week and extended into eastern Germany, Bavaria and…

DAILY BRIEF | 19.07.21

Biden’s $2tn infrastructure plan aims to ‘finally address climate crisis as a nation’

There is continuing coverage of US president Joe Biden’s $2tn plan for developing the nation’s infrastructure that he said, according to the Guardian, will allow “transformational progress in…

DAILY BRIEF | 01.04.21

India baulks at carbon neutral target as pressure grows

In an “exclusive” story, Reuters reports that despite growing “diplomatic pressure” on India, the nation is “unlikely to bind itself to a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goal by…

DAILY BRIEF | 31.03.21

Biden, emphasising job creation, signs sweeping climate actions

US president Joe Biden has signed a “sweeping series” of executive actions to address climate change, including a pause to all oil-and gas-drilling on federal land and electrifying…

DAILY BRIEF | 28.01.21

Record ocean heat in 2020 supercharged extreme weather

New data shows that the amount of heat the world’s oceans contain hit the highest levels in recorded history last year, reports the Guardian. The study, published in the…

DAILY BRIEF | 14.01.21

Coronavirus causes largest US greenhouse gas emissions drop since second war two: report

US emissions fell 10.3% in 2020, the largest drop in the post-second world war era, as the economy was “crippled” by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report…

DAILY BRIEF | 13.01.21
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