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Carbon Brief Staff

Carbon Brief Staff

LATEST BY Carbon Brief Staff

Hundreds of arrests in London as climate protest enters third day

Most frontpages of the UK’s national newspapers feature the Extinction Rebellion protests. “Climate protests that have gridlocked the core of the British capital continue,” Politico reports. The New York Times says that…

DAILY BRIEF | 18.04.19

London climate-change street protest arrests reach 290 on second day

There is widespread continuing coverage of the ongoing “Extinction Rebellion” climate protests in London. Reuters reports that the number of arrests has now reached 290, as protestors continue…

DAILY BRIEF | 17.04.19

Thousands of activists block London roads to demand action on climate change

There is extensive media coverage of the Extinction Rebellion protests that began yesterday in central London and other sites around the UK and beyond. The main media focus…

DAILY BRIEF | 16.04.19

Students bring fresh wave of climate strikes to UK streets

Thousands of students and activists have taken to the streets of more than 50 British towns and cities to demand urgent action on climate change for the third…

DAILY BRIEF | 15.04.19

Climate change is driving mass migration, says Attenborough

Mass migration from Africa to Europe will accelerate unless more is done to tackle climate change, naturalist Sir David Attenborough has told attendees at the International Monetary Fund…

DAILY BRIEF | 12.04.19

Trump signs orders to speed up oil and gas pipeline construction

US president Donald Trump signed two executive orders yesterday that target the power of states to delay natural gas, coal and oil projects, reports the New York Times.…

DAILY BRIEF | 11.04.19

Antarctica team to search world’s oldest ice for climate change clues

A €13m European expedition will head to East Antarctica later this year, reports New Scientist, in the hopes of finding ice dating back 1.5m years. So far, the the…

DAILY BRIEF | 10.04.19

Activist shareholders grant Shell climate targets reprieve

The Financial Times reports that activist shareholders will grant Royal Dutch Shell a reprieve over climate targets ahead of the company’s annual general meeting next month. It says:…

DAILY BRIEF | 08.04.19

Climate change group scrapped by Trump reassembles to issue warning

A US government climate change advisory panel that was disbanded by President Donald Trump has called for better adaptation to the impacts of rising temperatures, the Guardian reports.…

DAILY BRIEF | 05.04.19
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