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Guest posts

Flood barriers holding back the River Severn

Guest post: How to assess regional climate information for adaptation planning

From heatwaves and wildfires, to floods and rainfall-induced landslides, the northern-hemisphere summer of 2021 has seen a brutal series of extreme w... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 21. 2021.
Three junior school girls studying the globe atlas for geography studies in school library_A0NP28

Guest post: The climate-change gaps in the UK school curriculum

While the impacts of global warming are already being felt across the world, the decisions taken now on climate action will most affect today’s you... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 15. 2021.
Coal fired electric power plant in India

Guest post: How world’s coal-power pipeline has shrunk by three-quarters

There is now a broad consensus that unabated coal power generation must be rapidly phased out if the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement are to be met.... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 14. 2021.
Firefighters help citizens with their vehicles and safety as Typhoon In-fa brings heavy rains and flooding in Ningbo City_2GA6GHR

Guest post: Reviewing the summer of extreme weather in 2021

From heatwaves and hurricanes in the US to flooding in Europe and China, the weather over recent months has frequently hit the headlines. So, with... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 8. 2021.
Artificial intelligence, connections and nucleus in concept of interconnected neurons

Guest post: How artificial intelligence is fast becoming a key tool for climate science

The recent publication of the sixth assessment report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) summarises the current understanding ... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 7. 2021.
Workers-string-new-power-cables-in-a-rural-village-near-Dodoma,-Tanzania,-East-Africa-Image ID: FA4P68

Guest post: Energy needed to eradicate poverty ‘compatible with climate goals’

From the houses we live in to the food we eat and the education we receive, living a good life requires materials and energy. For many, this means an... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 2. 2021.
Aerial of mangroves at King Sound, Australia

Guest post: Mapping ‘blue-carbon wealth’ around the world

Carbon “sinks”, such as forests or the ocean, play a crucial role in absorbing atmospheric CO2 and thereby reducing the damages caused by climate... Read More

Guest posts | Jul 12. 2021.
Sun rays shine through the clouds as dusk approaches.


国際的な科学者チームが 4 年間かけて詳細な議論を重ねた結果、大気中 CO2濃 度の増加に対する世界の地表温度... Read More

Guest posts | Jun 30. 2021.
Small island in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, with pack ice in the foreground

Guest post: Deciphering the rise and fall of Antarctic sea ice extent

The sharp decline in Arctic sea ice over recent decades has become one of the most enduring images of the Earth’s warming climate. Yet, at the same... Read More

Guest posts | Jun 29. 2021.
A hot steel billet is removed from furnace as a cold billet waits in foreground

Guest post: These 553 steel plants are responsible for 9% of global CO2 emissions

The iron and steel industry is responsible for 11% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and will need to change rapidly to align with the world... Read More

Guest posts | Jun 29. 2021.
Aerial view of houses in Puerto Rico without roofs due to the strong winds brought by Hurricane Maria

Guest post: How attribution can fill the evidence ‘gap’ in climate litigation

In November 2015, a Peruvian farmer and mountain guide, Saúl Luciano Lliuya, launched a pioneering bid for climate justice in a German court more th... Read More

Guest posts | Jun 28. 2021.
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