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EU policy

Flag flying in the Paris Champs Elysee street in the evening

French election 2017: Where the candidates stand on energy and climate change

Update 24/4/2017: With the results from the first round of the French presidential election yesterday, 11 candidates were whittled down to two: Front... Read More

EU policy | Mar 7. 2017.
Biofuel boiler house, storage of wood chips

Biomass subsidies 'not fit for purpose', says Chatham House

Subsidies should end for many types of biomass, a new Chatham House report argues, because they are failing to help cut greenhouse gas emissions. ... Read More

Technology | Feb 23. 2017.
Miguel Arias Cañete, EU commissioner for climate action and energy

EU energy package: What it means for coal, renewables and efficiency

The literature on EU energy regulations got longer by about a thousand pages yesterday, as the European Commission put forward its vision for... Read More

EU policy | Dec 1. 2016.

Preview: The UN's COP22 climate talks in Marrakech

Climate change will once again become the focus of global diplomacy next week, as countries gather in Marrakech for the UN climate body's (UNFCCC)... Read More

COP22 Marrakech | Nov 3. 2016.
Blurred passengers waiting in underground station, long exposure.

Analysis: How UK leaving the EU would increase climate targets for others

The European Commission has laid out proposals on dividing up 2030 emissions reduction goals for buildings, transport and agriculture. ... Read More

Energy | Policy | Jul 20. 2016.
Waving flags

Brexit: 94 unanswered questions for climate and energy policy

Update 30/6/16 - The government has answered one of our 94 questions by proposing a fifth carbon budget in line with advice from the Committee on... Read More

UK policy | Jun 29. 2016.

Explainer: When will the European Union ratify the Paris Agreement?

Update 4/10/16 — The EU has ratified the Paris Agreement, after member states agreed to a fast-tracked process. In Parliament today, MEPs voted to... Read More

EU policy | Jun 23. 2016.
Macau at Night

The 35 countries cutting the link between economic growth and emissions

Is it possible to reduce emissions while growing the economy? This is a major question for policymakers hoping to combat climate change. ... Read More

Policy | Apr 5. 2016.
A Union Jack flag flutters next to European Union flags ahead a visits of the British Prime Minister David Cameron at the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium, 29 January 2016.

EU referendum opinion tracker: energy and climate change

On 23 June, the British people will decide whether they want to leave or remain in the European Union. ... Read More

UK policy | Feb 22. 2016.
Thermal image of mansion

Explainer: Europe's struggle to switch on low-carbon heating

Heating and cooling is the unglamorous consumer of half of the EU's energy, with 75% of this generated from fossil fuels. Only 25% is generated from... Read More

Explainers | Feb 16. 2016.
Components for offshore wind turbines, Container Terminal Bremerhaven, Bremerhaven, Bremen, Germany, Europe

Who's hitting the EU's 2020 renewables target — and who's holding it back?

The EU has today released statistics for 2014, showing its progress in boosting the share of renewables in its overall energy mix. ... Read More

EU policy | Feb 10. 2016.
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