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China Briefing

China is the world’s most populous nation and largest current emitter of greenhouse gases.

How – and, crucially, when – this vast, complex nation fully decarbonises its surging economy is one of the great questions of our age. No matter where you live on the planet, China’s efforts to tackle climate change affect us all.

This is why Carbon Brief is now sending out every Thursday a free weekly email newsletter, which rounds up all the need-to-know information about climate and energy in China from the past seven days.

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Every day, our China team trawls the media – both inside China and out – looking for the latest developments relating to climate change. This already feeds into our Daily Briefing media digest, but now also helps to shape our weekly China Briefing, too.

The weekly China Briefing email provides the context behind the headlines, something that is essential when trying to assess the true significance of, say, a turn of phrase by a Chinese politician.

And the email also includes the most interesting new studies we find in our daily search of peer-reviewed science journals.

Finally, the China Briefing email highlights some “extra reading” each week – links to articles about China that we’ve enjoyed.

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